Postcard to home: Fabio Premoli

Published in the July 2016 issue

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Fabio Premoli low resFabio Premoli is a fitter-and-turner from northern Italy. Difficult economic circumstances at home encouraged the 40-year-old to consider improving his English to expand work opportunities available to him. After holidaying in Australia last year and enquiring about English study, he is now five months into a 50-week General English course with SCU College at the Lismore campus.

I have 25 years’ experience in my trade and I am now interested in working in Australia, so I hope to secure a sponsorship visa. I’m not scared of hard work. I started working when I was a young man.

I like Australia, I like nature, and Australia is full of nature. And the weather; it’s impossible to believe this is winter! It’s incredible. Back home in Italy winter is -10 degrees. I like my country, there are lots of beautiful places in Italy, historical places, but it’s difficult to live. In the past 10 years the situation has changed for the worse. We don’t have a good government. It’s a big problem. In Italy there are few job prospects and tax is very high. For a worker it’s 40 per cent; for a business, it’s 60 or 70 per cent. I like my work but I want to work for me, not for the government. I’m happy to pay a reasonable tax rate, not too much. I’m not young but I’m not so old. I’ve come to love Australia and see working here as an opportunity to change my life.

I’ve been studying here for five months. I’ve bought a motorbike. I’m a motorbike rider. I go to rallies, I meet new friends. Australian people are friendly. It’s very easy to meet and speak with other people. When I tell someone I’m Italian and I don’t speak a lot of English, they often help me with the language or teach me something.

I miss the landscape and mountains of the northern part of Italy I’m from. I was born 25 kilometres from Milan, between Milan and Como. For the past year I was living close to the Swiss border, near Lake Maggiore (second largest lake in Italy), in a little town called Luino. It’s a beautiful place. I also miss the food but I can cook so it’s no problem. There’s lots of good Italian food in Leichhardt in Sydney. I look forward exploring the Italian food in Melbourne one day soon.

There are good teachers here at SCU College and the course has a good structure. There are plenty of opportunities for English conversation. I’ve learnt a lot in five months. I’m having problems memorising everything now because I’ve learnt so much. It’s brain overload at the moment.

I am happy. Lismore is a small town, it’s perfect for study. My priority is study and learning so I can get a job at the end of it. I like meeting people from all around the world in the course. We compare different cultures and lifestyles. My classmates are in their twenties, so for me it’s good to learn new experiences from them.

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