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Two books by Southern Cross University School of Law and Justice academics will be launched on Thursday, November 10. A further three books by academics in the School of Education were launched earlier this month.

Property Diversity and its Implications by Dr John Page and Going Native – The Passions of Philip Jacks by Dr Rohan Price will be launched on November 10 from 4pm – 6pm (NSW time) at the Lismore campus Learning Centre. The authors will give readings from their books. Copies of each book will be on sale the event. To enquire about the launch email

Property Diversity and its Implications by Dr John Page

Property is more diverse than is usually assumed.

Property Diversity and its Implications by Dr John Page

Developing the concept of property diversity, this book explores the varied role of property in placed human landscapes.

In acknowledging the propertied diversity about us, the book highlights the paucity of our settled contemporary assumptions of property as defined by private ownership. Challenging this universalising model, the book analyses how this self-limiting view produces critical blind spots in modern property discourse.

In response, it offers a re-conceptualisation of property that matches the grounded reality of our rich and diverse relationships with land. Integrating the plurality of real property types (private, public and common) with inclusive understandings of both interest and ownership, it thus identifies and substantiates an overarching theory of property diversity.

Drawing on studies from numerous jurisdictions, including the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK, its analysis of property as something more – and indeed other – than a place-less abstraction provides an invaluable contribution to the contemporary law and theory of property.

Dr John Page is a senior lecturer in Property Law at the Southern Cross University School of Law and Justice. John’s research interests include the nature of property rights in public lands and natural resources; property in diverse contexts – geographic, historic, and contemporary; and the intersection of property, human landscapes, and the environment.

John’s works have been published in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the UK.

Property Diversity and its Implications (Routledge, Oxford, 2016) by John Page is published by Taylor & Francis and can be purchased online.

Going Native – The Passions of Philip Jacks by Dr Rohan Price

Set in Hong Kong, 1917, the climate is insular, elitist and racially divided.

Going Native – The Passions of Philip Jacks by Rohan Price

Senior British administrator Philip Jacks hatched a scheme to send local mixed-race war-orphaned children, who were otherwise destined for lives of prostitution and domestic drudgery, to Australia at the height of the White Australia Policy.

His chances of success seemed slight. Had he lost his mind or had he ‘gone native’? Was ‘going native’ really a state of abandonment? Or was it a series of decent decisions that had unexpected consequences?

Although this story concerns a colonial Land Officer in Edwardian Hong Kong, it is not especially about colonialism or Hong Kong – it is a story about an individual living bravely. It is about his closest people enabling him to live truly.

The choices he made, and the lives he enriched, suggest that he followed a different calling to that expected of him in suburban Plymouth. A large part of this book is an extended mediation on the needs that percolated up within Philip Jacks and the influences that swirled about him.

Going native was not an adverse comparison of one culture by another. It was an assimilation of another culture by an individual in quest of a modern normality.

Dr Rohan Price is well-known nationally as a specialist in the areas of employment and industrial law.

He has spent several years teaching and travelling in China. His PhD was on the use of land law as a tool against Chinese nationalism in Hong Kong between the First and Second World Wars. He has expanded this into a multi-jurisdictional study of East Asian colonial possessions.

Going Native – The Passions of Philip Jacks (Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, 2016) by Rohan Price is published by Australian Scholarly Publishing.

School of Education

Understanding Early Childhood Education & Care in Australia, Practices and perspectives

Edited by Joanne Ailwood, Wendy Boyd & Maryanne Theobald

Dr Wendy Boyd joined Southern Cross University in February 2009 as a lecturer in the School of Education.Front Cover Her professional expertise lies in the field of early childhood education and care which has taken her into research in this field. Wendy has published and presented from her PhD, and collaborated to publish research involving pre-service teachers’ attitudes to child care, early childhood education for sustainability, and advocacy of pre-service teachers in the field of early childhood.

In order to effectively practise as an early childhood educator it is essential to understand the theories, policies and pedagogy that shape the discipline.

Understanding Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia provides core foundational knowledge that is critical for best practice. It is published by Allen and Unwin.

Creating the Outstanding School

By David E. Lynch, Jake Madden, Tina Doe with Richard Smith, Steve Provost & Helen SpiersBook-cover_web

Professor David Lynch is currently the Head of the University’s Coffs Harbour campus and Professor in the School of Education. His research and development interests form the basis of a radical rethink on teaching and teacher education. Education and thus work of teachers is key in such a circumstance. Given this premise, his research work aims to move ‘teacher education’ from a preoccupation with teachers to teaching and to a preparation regime that is focused on learning as opposed to classrooms.

Professor Lynch and a team of researchers conducted a five-year pilot study, which identified four elements critical to creating an ‘outstanding’ school. The results of the study have been published in the book  ‘Creating the Outstanding School’, published by Oxford Global Press.

Nurturing Wellbeing Development in Education, From little things, big things grow
Edited by Faye McCallum & Deborah Price

Professor Faye McCallum is Dean and Head of School of Education, Southern Cross University. Her two main research interests have attracted funds nearing $2m
and include: wellbeing education; and, the attraction, retention and sustainability of teachers in rural areas.Front Cover

At the core of education, the notion of wellbeing permeates both learner and teacher wellbeing. This book explores the central role and responsibility of education in ensuring the wellbeing of children and young people. Through the employment of vignettes, proactive educational wellbeing initiatives are provided to address issues pertaining to learner and teacher wellbeing, mainstream classrooms, educational marginalisation, disabilities, cyber citizens, initial teacher education and rural education.

Through employing diverging theoretical approaches of; expectancy x value theory; ecological systems theory and community practices across digital imagery; case studies; questionnaires and survey methodology, the key message of the centrality of wellbeing to educational success pervades.

This book provides a critical engagement with the educational discourse of wellbeing, whilst addressing issues impacting on wellbeing with worldwide implications. It offers a unique insight into both learner and teacher wellbeing and how education can contribute to enhancing wellbeing outcomes for society in general.

Nurturing Wellbeing Development in Education, From little things, big things grow is published by Routledge.

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