Meet the staff: Brendon Hyndman

Published in the June-July 2017 issue

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Dr Brendon Hyndman is an academic in Health & Physical Education (PDHPE) within the School of Education at Southern Cross University. His research has been focused on schools as a crucial setting to develop students’ physical activity participation, health and overall wellbeing. He has recently published his first full-length book ‘Contemporary School Playground Strategies for Healthy Students’.

What is your job at SCU?

I lecture and research in the areas of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and currently Chair the School Board in Education. My research has focused on schools as a key setting to develop kids’ physical activity participation, health and overall wellbeing. The aim of a lot of my research has been to guide teacher awareness of the range of influences and strategies to develop kids’ engagement in physical activities via both informal, pedagogical and curricular approaches.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Dr Brendon Hyndman

Modern technology advances (I’m always looking into the latest gadgets or online platforms) are definitely a favourite of mine to be able to tap into some of the emerging resources to engage students in learning. We are blessed to be in a time where not only the traditional resources are available, but also a raft of electronic, digital methods.

Another great part of my job is being able to pursue topics of research could be of real‑world relevance or importance in order to advance knowledge in chosen educational fields. From there, there is potential to integrate that knowledge to inform your teaching. Which brings another favourite aspect of the job, to share a passion for Health and Physical Education teaching that I hope flows on to students to create enthusiasm for their careers ahead!

Where were you before you started working at SCU?

From undertaking a teaching degree, some stints of school teaching and coordinating a kids program, I became really passionate about the potential of research to advance educational knowledge. This passion flowed into eventually becoming a university lecturer where I could combine both loves of teaching and research.

My previous position before Southern Cross University was up in the tropics at Charles Darwin University where I was lecturer in Health and Physical Education and the Manager of the Bachelor of Teaching & Learning (Pre-service).

What do you do to relax?

Getting outdoors and engaging with nature, especially by undertaking any exercise (stair running, swimming, cycling, walking) help to unwind and get the batteries recharged. With two daughters under two-years-old, double-seat pram walks as a little family can be the most (and sometimes only) relaxing time on some days! Scoping out any places or coffee shops that I haven’t been to before (well…local at the moment with the babies) is also a keen interest.

What were you good at in school?

I guess not being inside. I was one of those kids that would have happily played sport and stayed outdoors on the courts or oval throughout my entire schooling. I wasn’t indoors very much even after school hours. It was a bit of a free-range upbringing in the Yarra Valley in Victoria with a bike, cricket bat or football always attached to the hands!

What is your favourite book (or music album), why?

Unlike my wife Lucy who is a bit of a bookworm, I’ve never been much of a leisure reader. I think my social media time has taken out any leisurely book reading. On the music front, the band Mumford and Sons have been a regular since I started my PhD and I like to listen to Sigur Ros when at work.

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